Unfortunately, tooth decay is something that many people deal with on a yearly basis. Tooth decay is common, and if you’re dealing with a decaying tooth, know you’re not alone. Tooth decay is defined as the destruction of both the enamel of your tooth (the outer coating), the tooth structure and the dentin layer.

If you drink sugary beverages and eat starchy foods, such as soda, milk, bread, cake, and candy, you, more than likely, will be dealing with tooth decay. But why? Everyone has bacteria in their mouth, and the job of this bacteria is to break down and digest foods that are ingested. The bacteria turns the food and drink on your teeth into acids. Once turned into an acid, the acid, bacteria, food debris and saliva combine together and form plaque. This plaque clings to your teeth, and the acid in the plaque will dissolve the enamel, leaving you with decay. So, if you don’t brush your teeth after a day of eating and drinking, it wouldn’t be surprising if you had some decay developing.

How To Prevent Tooth Decay:

  • Be sure that you’re brushing your teeth at least twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste. If you have a history of decay, it’s recommended to brush after each meal, and especially before you go to bed.
  • It’s important to floss your teeth with interdental cleaners or dental floss before or after you brush your teeth. If you’re going floss only once a day, be sure you choose to do so at night before bed.
  • Buy a fluoride mouthwash and rinse after each meal, when possible. If you’re looking for a stronger option, choose a mouthwash that also includes an antiseptic ingredient to help kill off bacteria that causes plaque.
  • Eat a healthy diet to contribute to good oral health. A well-balanced diet with a healthy amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and H2O can help tremendously.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for professional oral exams and cleanings.

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