Our cosmetic dentistry team is extremely successful in the field of implant dentistry. With plenty of experience and training, you can be confident in knowing that our dentist is qualified to provide you with dental implants when you need them the most.

Who needs dental implants?dental implants Columbus

If you are an adult who is missing one or more teeth and are searching for an attractive, permanent and stable solution, we suggest a dental implant.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is used to replace a tooth which is missing. Whether you’ve had a missing tooth for years or you need to have your tooth pulled, a dental implant will essentially replace your natural tooth with a permanent, prosthetic solution. We take plenty of measurements of your tooth (if it has yet to be pulled), to make sure we’re providing you with an exact replica of your natural one. If you do not have a tooth, don’t worry! Our team has the ability to custom create a tooth for you so that it looks completely natural, works just like a real tooth and is beautiful.

Are dental implants more extensive?

Yes; a successful dental implant usually takes anywhere from six months to over a year. Why? Because dental implants are surgically implanted into the bone of your jaw. We have to wait until the implant successfully adheres to you bone before we place the permanent tooth onto the implant portion. Don’t worry though, just like a dental crown or bridge, we won’t leave you without a tooth and a beautiful smile! While we’re waiting for your dental implant to be completed, you can expect to have a false tooth to keep your smile remaining bright, beautiful and confident.

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